Why do I want to tell the world that it’s good to be here? Because I believe that all human beings need to know that they are loved into being. Crippled and crumpled though I am, I am fully alive in divine love.

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With much excitement (and a bit of nervousness), Christina has been enjoying the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by some amazing people, spreading the vital message of It’s Good to Be Here through television, radio, and print. Watch, listen, and read below…


At Home with Jim and Joy

Christina was overjoyed to be invited as a guest on Jim and Joy Pinto’s TV show. Their conversation included life with a disability, Christina’s journey of faith, the nature of suffering, and the true wonder and joy of God’s love in the flesh — and much more! You can watch the two-part interview on, YouTube, or right here:

Part One:
Part Two:

Kresta in the Afternoon

“From my point of view, and I do a lot of interviewing and come across a lot of books, I really do think that what you’ve given us is a real contribution.”

Al Kresta praised Christina’s book when he interviewed her on his show, which is well-respected and broadcasted far and wide on Ave Maria Radio and EWTN radio stations. Despite Christina’s initial nervousness and feelings of intimidation at being invited as a guest on Kresta in the Afternoon, she found Mr. Kresta to be warm, thoughtful, and very easy to converse with, enjoying the time spent with him and his listeners. You may listen to the two-hour show in its entirety by clicking HERE, or listen to just Christina’s two segments by pressing the little play button below.

SiriusXM, The Catholic Channel

A delightful hour was spent with Sister Marie Pappas, whose enthusiasm for It’s Good to Be Here is very clear — and very humbling to the first-time author. Click the little play button to hear the interview on Sister Marie’s program Pathways of Learning. (Sound will not actually begin until the 1 minute 20 second mark.)

EWTN Radio’s The Good Fight

Christina was very happy to be Barbara McGuigan’s guest in the first hour of this show! Discussing St. Josephine Bakhita, It’s Good to Be Here, and the power of coming to know divine love, this engaging interview is unlike any other. In the second hour, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby discussed end-of-life issues.

The following are in order of appearance:

Spirit Catholic Radio

Christina’s first live radio interview! (As an adult, that is, as Christina’s sister has reminded her that they appeared together on a live local radio program to promote MDA fundraising when they were little kids!) She was very glad to spread the message of It’s Good to Be Here to the people of Nebraska.

Domestic Church Media

As part of Friday Live! Christina enjoyed a warm conversation with Jim and Cheryl Manfredonia. Her segment begins at about 12 minutes:

Walking in Faith on WISP

Much was discussed in this 30 minute conversation! Barbara Shinkle read excerpts from It’s Good to Be Here as she interviewed Christina. This was just the first part of a wonderful pro-life show, well worth a listen. Click the link and choose the 2020 archive, then click the little play button for the episode from 2/13/2020:

Jon Leonetti in the Morning, Iowa Catholic Radio

Another live radio interview — this time Christina was interviewed by nationally known Catholic speaker and best-selling author Jon Leonetti on his morning show. Her segment begins at minute 18:

Living the Gospel of Life

Host Leticia Velasquez interviewed Christina for her podcast on WCAT Radio as the covid–19 pandemic began spreading. Listen as Christina gives a brief account of her disease and journey of faith, and then reads two chapters from her book and discusses their relevance to the crisis with Leticia. To listen, CLICK HERE or press the little play button below.

Sacred Heart Radio

Fr. Rob Jack interviewed Christina during Holy Week on his live program, Driving Home the Faith. The coronavirus, toilet paper, the importance of a sense of humor, the Incarnation, the reality of God’s love, the power of the Cross, and more are discussed in these 12 minutes! (Click the little play button below.)

Cause of Our Joy

Appearing on Joe Ott’s Sunday morning program on AM radio, WACE, Christina was delighted to be able to share her story with listeners in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Listen to the thoughtful, friendly conversation by clicking the little play button below.

The Storytellers

Best-selling author, Hall of Fame broadcaster, and inspirational speaker, Tony Agnesi, chatted with Christina on his program. This interview has both an audio and video format! Listen to the interview through the Living Bread Radio Network or watch it through Tony’s YouTube channel.

Hear and Now

Deaf since the age of eight, Sophia is a college student who’s passionate about faith, hearing loss awareness, and a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Christina was delighted when social influencer, Sophia Lebano, invited her on to her podcast! Take a listen to their spirited conversation about disabilities, writing, faith, why it’s good to be here, and more by clicking this link:

Hear and Now

Fight for Life!

Barbara McGuigan telephoned Christina (her “buddy”) in November, 2021, and invited her to Fight for Life, her new show at Virgin Most Powerful Radio. The two discussed sacred littleness, “unanswered prayers,” the power of particular love to transform our troubled culture, the way to be healed of our own deficiencies, and more! Take a listen by clicking the little arrow below, or click the button that says “watch interview” for the video version:


Catholic Herald, UK

Book reviewer for the Catholic Herald, Francis Phillips, interviewed Christina for this British publication. From the opening quote of It’s Good to Be Here to her sense of mission and daily routine, the questions (sometimes challenging) asked and answered give greater insight into the book and the author.

Stay Tuned for More!

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