Explore the Sacred Wonder of Life

How can we say that life is good and God is love
when there seems to be so much evidence to the contrary?

We may often fail to recognize the inherent dignity, purpose, and beauty of every human being—including ourselves—and perhaps fall into the belief that life isn’t always worth living. Christina Chase lives in stark contrast to such a worldview. Physically disabled since infancy by a progressive disease and severely dependent upon others for daily survival, the author of this book proclaims with all of her mind, body, heart, and soul that it’s good to be here.


Because she is infinitely and intimately loved—just like every human being.

In this book, Christina shares personal and poignant reflections
upon her own little, limited life, while exploring the very human life of Jesus Christ. While reflecting upon her sufferings, joys, doubts, and faith,
Christina offers a unique and intimate portrait of God in the flesh,
discovering what it means to be fully human, fully alive.
God chose to live here, to be little like us,
intimately experiencing our human struggles and wonders, pleasures and pains.
Only God’s love made manifest in the Mystery of the Incarnation reveals
the full joy, strength, and sacred wonder of being human that nothing can diminish, not even the dependency and limitations that mainstream culture deems undignified.

Crippled though she is, Christina’s fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, bitterness, or despair, but rather into a profound and intimate encounter with God’s love here and now—an encounter that you, too, can experience through the gentle allure of Christina’s witness.

About the Author

“Real joy has no strings attached.”

Christina Chase

Christina Chase has unconditional love for her terribly beautiful life.

Living with lifelong, physical disability and severe dependency, she writes nonfiction, poetry, and flash fiction about the profound beauty and wonder of being alive here and now. Embracing life’s big questions, Christina is a revert to Catholicism after brief atheism and consideration of other religions, having newly discovered, in God’s choice to intimately share our humanity, what it truly means to be fully human. She has studied Scripture and Catholic doctrine through the Satellite Theological Education Program from the University of Notre Dame. When she isn’t writing or blogging at authorChristinaChase.com, she enjoys being with her loving, care-giving family, exploring nature, researching genealogy, watching football, and reading good books.

It’s Good to Be Here is published by Sophia Institute Press.

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“Uplifting and inspiring from a fresh point of view. Simply remarkable!”

Deacon Geoff Ashman

We are shaped by wonder.

It’s Good To Be Here:

A Disabled Woman’s Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human


Christina Chase

published by Sophia Institute Press